My name is Josiah - I love meeting people, celebrating special occasions, snapping pictures and making movies! You might say this whole business is perfect for me!

Hi Friends!

vision and goals!

World peace!! Just kidding ;)

My goal is to create a simple, fun experience for each client to look and feel their best in front of my camera. And for someday your great-great-grand babies to say "I love this!! WOW!! You look so good!!" 

fun facts about me!

  • My first-ever camera was a purple Mickey Mouse film camera. I was seven.

  • Currently, I'm all about chocolate ice cream. (Peanut butter is a solid bonus!) 

  • I LOVE movies!! I sit through credits to listen to sound tracks.

  • BBQ's and Star Wars Monopoly with friends and family is my jam.

  • I drink a lot of coffee.

  • Who inspires me? My parents who taught me to always stand for faith and family.

  • I started my first business in high school. 

  • Favorite fictional characters? Aslan from Narnia and old-school Peter Parker.

Most importantly...
I can't wait to work with you!

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