Lexi and Taco,

What a special occasion to commemorate!! I am beyond honored to help document the beginning of your first child’s life! WOW!


I tried to not listen while you whispered the things you were looking forward to during one of my posing prompts but you I could definitely see that you two definitely shared the most beautiful, joyful grins and excited smiles. Your happiness is contagious; I can only describe it as… absolutely glowing. (Plus I became educated on the incredible world of Johnny Cupcake – it was a great day!) It was a joy to get to know you a little bit. You are both incredibly kind and caring. Caspian is lucky to have you both as his parents. May these photos become priceless memories for years to come!


Lexi & Taco | Desert Maternity Session


If you ever met Chad and Ally, then you know that they are going to both make fabulous parents. This was a very special session for me, getting to work with longtime friends. Chad has the biggest heart in the entire world and you know that his little boy is going to be so blessed by his father‘s full attention, wisdom, and goofy sense of fun. Ally is smart beyond all measure and she cares deeply. No one can stop her when she puts her mind to something and she is always looking for the good in people. This couple is a power couple in all the best ways. And now they get to welcome a little baby boy into the world very soon.

This was also fun because it was my first maternity session. I am in love with these photos–definitely some of my favorite desert photos ever. The session was still full of all the typical joy and laughter I love in an engagement session. But it was also full of really sweet, intimate moments as a loving mom and dad dreamed about their future baby.

Ally and Chad, thank you for letting me capture this special moment in the growing Zimmer family history. You are both amazing and I know the very best adventures lie directly ahead for your wonderful family. Much love to you both!


Desert Maternity | Ally & Chad

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