One Amazing Couple
I was lucky enough to venture into the desert with two of my favorite people of all time for a very special romantic anniversary session. This couple has already celebrated 41 years of marriage and I have a feeling some of their best adventures are yet to come. Anyone who knows David and Tracey will tell you they are a true joy – they’re loving, caring, creative, innovative, and knowing them will probably change your life. On this particular day, Tracey and David braved into a secret desert marsh only to discover thousands of mosquitoes! Yep, that’s right! This fantastic couple took all these super cute photographs in the middle of a mosquito infestation!!

Three Amazing Observations
What impresses me most about this couple is how they live their lives every single day. Their forty-one years of marriage is no accident; it is the beautiful outworking of faith and intention. I have learned much by watching their relationship and hope to emulate their example someday. Here are the three biggest things I have learned.

Observation One
Faith is the ultimate glue. Even though they are very different from each other, Tracey and David  let their relationship with Jesus unite them through it all. This allows them to treasure the uniqueness that is their partner.

Observation Two
It takes commitment and communication. I love when Tracy and David share stories of how they have grown, persevered, and grown some more. It is clear that a fulfilling marriage is not for the faint of heart but it is worth every bit of effort.

Observation Three
The most fulfilling way to live your life is to find really special and creative ways to give of yourself to others. The way Tracey & David opened their home during my college days will always stick with me. I remember hanging out in their kitchen throughout the day and watching all sorts of wonderful and interesting individuals come in just like guest stars on an episode of Friends, How I Met Your Mother, or Cheers. All were welcomed and would usually encounter some manner of food, games, or mentoring (and often all three at the same time). Their open house policy never ceases to amaze me and I have watched the richness of their lives grow because of it.

Bonus Observation
As a bonus I’ve noticed that they love their life and live it to the fullest. It is important to laugh a lot and have some good fun along the way!!

Tracey and Dave, you already know that you are a true joy and inspiration to me and my life. I hope you love these photographs – may they remind you of the special gift that you have in each other and the rich love you feel for each other every day. Here is to all the wonderful adventures that lie ahead!!


Desert Anniversary | Tracey & David


When Andre Johnson contacted me to do a photo shoot. I was excited for two reasons. First, I just love romantic photo shoots in the desert! Even more so, I was excited to catch up with old friends! Here is my wedding selfie from Andre and Mary Beth’s wedding just over three years ago.



One thing was clearly evident from the moment I saw both Andre and Mary Beth – they are both still exceptionally beautiful, stylish, classy individuals–that has not changed! So how had my dear friend and fellow Young Life leader, Andre Johnson, changed these last three years?!! Let me tell you!!


His big heart has grown even bigger. The same loyalty, commitment, and integrity he showed every one of his family and friends, he now also lavishes on his wife and two children, Alicía and Malakaí.  He loves them and I adore listening to him describe his life because it is exquisitely clear that his life revolves around his family. Mary Beth loves when Andre gets goofy and Andre loves laughing with Mary Beth. So like a fine wine, they are both getting even better with age and still looking absolutely fabulous while doing it.


Mary Beth and Andre, you are absolutely stunning inside and out. I can’t believe it’s already been three years and two children later  since you were married. You love fully and deeply!! You are kind and courteous!! You put other people first and God’s light radiates from you like the warm sun. Thanks for recruiting me to take some photographs in the desert. I hope you love these pictures as much as I do which is a lot!! Congratulations on your three years of marriage!! The best is yet to be!!


Desert Anniversary | Mary Beth & Andre


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