The behind-the-scenes, lovey-dovey, eyes-and-smiles looks that a new wife and husband give each other!! Hands down – this is one of the best things about being a wedding photographer. Especially for me, because I always end up with the SWEETEST couples!! Being behind the camera gives me an up-close look at these beautiful expressions. When we got to kidnap Jessie and Josh for their glorious sunset portraits (the golf course let me drive our very own golf cart to chauffer the newly wed couple!), it was such a joy to watch them simply be together. From the moment they hopped into their limousine golf cart, they longingly looked into each other’s eyes with the deepest of affection. They snuggled and cuddled. They laughed, smiled and giggled! An incredible joy filled their faces! Just being around their forever-lover made them alive and happy. What a privilege and an honor to capture these memories on this incredibly special day!

Everything about this day was beautiful. The flower arrangements (which the fabulous Kathy Lynch put together) captured the perfect hues to represent the romance and joy of the day.  The stunning wedding dress, the perfectly coordinated bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen suits, the most delightful weather and, most importantly, the glowing faces of all the loving family and friends made this day absolutely wonderful, memorable and glorious! Did I mention how much I loved the smiles on these two after they were married?! It was literally the best!

Jessie and Josh, the officiant at one of my best friend’s wedding wisely shared that he of course loved to celebrate wedding days, but he especially loved celebrating anniversaries. This is because anniversaries reflect the lasting strength, love and beauty of a marriage. May these wonderful and beautiful wedding-day memories bless you and your family year-after-year for all the wonderful anniversaries that are out to come!! You are an amazing couple and I know the very best lies straight ahead for you both!! Congratulations you two!!

Creative Contributors

Venue – Foothills Golf Course

Dress – Brilliant Bridal

Food – Texas Roadhouse

Engagement Ring – Shane Company

Jessie & Josh | Beautiful Golf Course Wedding

Photography, Wedding

What a delight!! Michaela and Josiah had just shared their first kiss as they were pronounced husband and wife, their friends and family gave a loud cheer and non-stop applause. The world seemed to stop for just a split second. Their outrageously fun, kind and servant-hearted bridal party was just steps behind them. They were the first to reach the side of Hope Barn and Garden. They took advantage of this private moment to steal another kiss! And then laughed in pure delight as they each peered into the eyes of their forever best friend!


This was the beauty of the entire day!! Each moment was filled with delight and joy!! There were so many beautiful expressions to capture – proud moms, a joyful ring bearer and flower girl, glowing family, supportive friends and of course a stunning bride and groom!


Michaela and Josiah, your wedding was an absolute wonder to capture. Every moment and detail was filled with love and intentionality. I hope that these photos bring you wondrous memories of this most joyful, special day for decades to come!! What pure delight this special occasion was!!



Creative Contributors

Band: Mariachi Arizona
Brides dress: Brilliant Bridal
Brides Ring: Treasures
Bridesmaids dresses: Davids Bridals
Catering: Tacos Tapatio
Floral design: Harper Floral Co. & Samuel Stefanski
Makeup: Krystal
Hair: Megan Hauersperger
Grooms ring: Treasures

Michaela & Josiah | Hope Barn & Gardens Wedding

Cinema, Photography, Wedding

It is pure joy to watch the face of a bride and groom light up when they see each other on their wedding day!! Taylor and Jacob were exemplified this perfectly – during their first look and when she was coming down the aisle – both faces were gleaming with giant, ear-to-ear grins. Their fervent happiness was powerful, beautiful and contagious. And it lasted through their entire wedding day!


Every detail was intentional and perfectly represented a piece of their unique personalities, hearts and passions. One of the most fun elements of this wedding was the incorporation of their beloved canine Diego into the ceremony. Diego was incredibly well mannered and seemed to magnify the fun and joy throughout each moment! You could see signs of this couple’s love for Diego everywhere. Taylor surprised Jacob with cufflinks that had Diego’s image on them. Their scrumptious cake had a representation of Diego at the bottom, taking a big bite out of the cake. So Cute!  And of course, perfect floral arrangements were everywhere, including Diego’s collar! Capturing this stunning bride and groom on their beautiful, intentional day was an absolute joy!


Taylor and Jacob, I hope these photographs of your incredible Secret Garden Wedding bring you warm, happy memories now and for generations to come! Congratulations to you both!!!



Venue: Secret Garden By Wedgewood Weddings
Bride’s dress: Wedding Belles
Bride’s ring: James Allen
Bride’s shoes: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: Azazie
Catering: Wedgewood weddings
Floral: In Bloom Floral
Groom’s Ring: Ooh Aah Jewelry Albuquerque
Groom’s suit: Nick’s Menswear
Makeup: Danika Prager
DJ: Starz Entertainment 

Taylor & Jacob | Garden Wedding

Photography, Wedding

Every guest and family member was sitting on the edge of their seat. Nancy positioned herself to listen intently at the alter and Ernest carefully prepared to start their personal vows. His voice was slow and trembled. “You are the most amazing, wonderful person I have ever met. There was a long and beautiful pause as Ernest composed himself. “You were born amazingly perfect – without flaws in your cheeks and that smile where you look at me like you are doing right now. Your eyes – you make me feel alive.” Every heart was instantly warmed and overjoyed. Many faces welled up with soft tears. This was the tone of this entire, beautiful, joyful day. Every moment was full of deep love and commitment to celebrate this amazing couple and their incredible future together. Nancy and Ernest, I was so blessed to be able to help capture these special memories. May these photographs remind you and your children and your children’s children of the great and wonderful love you share for each other and the blessing that your marriage is to everyone around you. Congratulations!!!



Nancy & Ernest

Cinema, Photography, Wedding

Emma and Max, your day was AMAZING!! I know with the pandemic, this event was really two years in the making; it was so worth it!!


You were both stunning, the Phoenix Art Museum was beautiful and your friends and family celebrated like there was no tomorrow! Your brother officiated a sweet ceremony and together he and your dad threw an epic dance party with their special DJ powers!! I love that the place that has meant so much to you both (and was the location of your first special date) became the place where you got to celebrate your marriage with your family and friends. It was so fun to photograph you both in front of the very paining that helped inspire the look and theme of the wedding. I was honored to help you capture these memories. May these photographs bring you joy every single time you look at them and help you re-live this special day!!



Bride’s Dress: Brilliant Bridal  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Dear Cleo |  Catering: Bruce Brown Catering  |  Florals: PJs Flowers | Hair & Makeup: Bella Bridal Beauty |  Decor Rentals: Something Borrowed Blooms  |  Wedding Bands: Dear Noemie  |  Custom glass sculpture: Unity in Glass  |  Venue: Phoenix Art Museum  | Cake: A Bakeshop

Phoenix Art Museum Wedding | Emma & Max

Cinema, Photography, Wedding

What a special and glorious day this was! I already knew that this beautiful bride and stunning groom were an adventurous, loyal and intentional couple after photographing their engagement session. On their wedding day I caught a glimpse of just how sweet and loving and kind and full of joy this amazing couple is!!

There were so many sweet details in this beautiful day. For example the necklace she wore was handcrafted by him. (He’s quite creative.) Also, music is such a special part of their lives. The music their friends played and sang through the entire ceremony was beautiful. And then I loved listening to Josh play music before his first touch with his wife. You could feel his passion through the keys. There were timeless elements, like the baby breath in the bride’s hair and fresh surprises too like the game that they used to toss the bouquet. (It involved all their party guests and one of the beautiful flower girls ended up with it.) They were so honoring of their family, which only magnified the joy and celebration! What a special and glorious day this was!

Hannah and Josh, your wedding was a true delight from beginning to end. All the memories!! All the moments!! Every single part of the day was full of sweet love, bursting joy and deep commitment. I’m so grateful to have been able to capture this wedding and so excited to share these photographs with you!! May they bless you and your families for generations to come. All the best!!



Creative Team

Piano: Josh Stefanski | Piano: Kathy Wright | Vocals: Sam Stefanski | Harp: Holly Ciampi | Officiant: Robb Brunansky | Event Coordinator: Maggie Stallard


Hannah & Josh | Phoenix Wedding

Photography, Wedding

What a sweet love story!! First you have to know Andrew was Macy‘s first crush when she was about eight years old. How awesome is that!! Their families went to church together and she thought he was cute. Fast forward years later. Andrew’s sister (The Amazing Caitlyn Freeman) stayed in touch with Macy this whole time. This was the key to the whole thing!!


Now during their high school days Macy and Andrew didn’t hang out in the same circle of friends; however, Andrew had a major crush on Macy for two years…from a distance. He needed to find a way to get to know her better so he plotted a game night with his sister Caitlyn where they could all hang out with mutual friends. Macy responded within 15 minutes of the invitations going out – this was a good sign! It took a little time but Andrew eventually asked Macy out to Elevate Coffee for their first one-on-one date.


Their relationship quickly blossomed as they spent time together. They had a lot in common–their families had similar values and they loved being together. They both knew fairly quickly that they had found their forever someone. Overlooking a beautiful view in Sedona, he said I love you for the first time; he wrote a note and gave her a necklace. When it came time to propose he flew her out to Coronado where his Dad had proposed to his mom. (The time of the year was actually within one day of his parents’ proposal!) He gave her another love note and asked her to marry him on the beach. She is a happy crier so she cried happy tears and of course said yes.


Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! It was a glorious day in May. Macy and Andrew committed their undying love to each other. With a glittering dress, heart-melting vows and the sweetest affectionate looks, this was a truly special day. Here is the story of the gorgeous bride Macy and the stud of a groom Andrew as they committed their brilliant love for one another in forever matrimony.



And if you would like to see even more moments from their beautiful day, here is their Memories Feature. Their family and friends supported them, encouraged them and threw an outrageous celebration  with them!! This is one for the record books! Fair warning: you may want to grab some tissues for this one 😉



Photography – Cami Facer Photography  |  Event Coordinator – Carol Turner  |  Backyard Venue – Cassidy Custom Events  |  Hair – Trisha Bloom  |  Florals – Kellie Gatgewood  |  Dress – Almond Tree Weddings  |  Cake – Baking It Sweet Bakery  |  DJ – Ray The DJ  |  Catering – Boca Taqueria

Macy & Andrew | Wedding Cinema

Cinema, Wedding

If you want a burst of joy, just hang out with Katelyn and Noah for a day!! Their beautiful garden wedding was a joyful, wonderful, love-filled experience from beginning to end!


I love when my couples do first looks. Many people don’t realize it when they’re planning a wedding but brides and grooms rarely get any time with each other to be alone during the wedding day. Carving out this special time and space gives couples a moment to be together and simply enjoy each other’s company. Noah is generous, kind and fun-loving. He absolutely cherishes his bride. In the moments right before his first look, he became really quiet as he anticipated getting to see his soon-to-be wife. As soon as the first look was set up, Katelyn charged toward him with fireball energy. She tapped him on the shoulder. As he twirled around, his face filled with sweet emotion. He embraced his bride and pulled her in tight. After a beautiful moment, the two of them laughed, smiled and laughed some more. Their faces shone bright. If you know Katelyn, you know she has a big, beautiful, glowing smile. She lit up his face. And then she lit up the entire day. What a joy this wedding was!!


Katelyn and Noah, everything about your special day was beautiful, sweet and intentional. The warm, energetic people, the gorgeous, idyllic setting, the stunning florals – literally everything was fantastic! I loved photographing this momentous day! What really made this occasion beyond special, however, was the effervescent joy that you both radiate. May the coming years of your long and wonderful marriage be filled with many such glorious, joyful moments! I hope that you love looking through each of these memories and that they prove timeless for you and your family. (Maybe someday these very same photographs will fill your grandkids with delight as they recount your happiness!) Much love to you both!



Creative Team

Venue Hope Barn and Garden  |  Cinematography Kaye Shae Film    Bride’s Dress Bella Lily Bridal    |   Bridesmaid’s Dresses Kennedy Blue   |  Catering:Tacos El Buen Gusto   |   Bouquets and Boutonnières – Tammi Plummer   |   Table & Arch Florals – Sam Stefanski  |   Groom and Groomsmen’s Suits Mens Warehouse   |   Hair Grace Calvert  |   Makeup – Sarah McLaughlin & Whitney Stefanski   |   Officiant – Jeff Gentry

Katelyn & Noah | Garden Wedding

Photography, Wedding

Ryan grinned as he opened up one of the many wonderful presents Kendra had gotten him before the ceremony (they exchanged gifts and letters before the ceremony) – it was a photo book with a picture they took right after he proposed. In the photo, they were holding up champagne glasses against the backdrop of a vivid sunset. Ryan took a break from opening his presents to share the story of how they were engaged. “All of a sudden these clouds come in and the temperature dropped like twenty something degrees. So it was like seventy-seven degrees in the middle of July in Phoenix.” Ryan shared just how perfectly the moment worked out. The weather turned perfect and the sunset blazed glorious shades of pink, red and purple at just the right time. I smiled back at Ryan. It seemed that Heaven had been smiling down on their sweet proposal just like He was now smiling down on this special day. And what a wonderful day it was!


I love the brides and grooms I get to serve because they are the kindest, most joy-filled, most loving couples on the planet. I literally have the best couples!! There were so many things that I could say about this wonderous day. There were the beautiful grounds of the JW Marriott Resort at Desert Ridge, the stirring love notes Kendra and Ryan personally wrote each other, the classic Chevy Bel Air, the epic desert portrait session, the special song that Kendra surprised everyone with after their first dance, the lush greenery at Hope Barn and Garden. This couple was stunning, beautiful and fun throughout the entire day. But I think my favorite thing was actually watching how they interacted with children.


You could probably guess that marriage is very special to me. I do love weddings after all! But one of the other things that is very precious to my heart is parenting and raising amazing kids and investing in children. (They are our future after all.) Parenting is one of the greatest things I look forward to in my own future. Kendra and Ryan were such a blessing to everyone around them (including myself and my assistant) but they did not overlook even one of the many children at their event. They were a highlight of the ceremony coming down the aisle. Kendra and Ryan had an entire table of special toys as gifts for them. They took time to play and laugh and dance with them. These tiny moments gave me a glimpse into the wonderfulness of their souls. Kendra and Ryan are a beautiful, stunning, couple, inside and out.


I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this amazing couple!! I know infinite, wonderful adventures lie ahead it. Kendra and Ryan, thank you so much for letting me capture these special moments. May these films always remind you of how strong and powerful your love is; and may they also remind you how incredibly rich your community of friends and family is as well. Much love to you both!! Cheers to the great adventure ahead!!





Creative Team

Photography Trisha Rose Photography   |  Second Shooter  Morgan Weaver Creative   | DJ Andres Music with Personality   |  Dress Boutique Forever Bridal   |  Dress Designer Eve of Milady   | Rings Shane Co  |  Shoes Badgley Mischka   |  Hairpiece Dareth Colburn Designs  | Bridesmaid Dresses | Shop Revelry   Suits| Men’s Wearhouse   |  Makeup bszem   |  Website Zola   |  Bridal Space JW Marriott Desert Ridge   |   Ceremony  St. Thomas More  |  Reception Hope Barn and Garden   | Transportation Roscoe + Louie   |  Catering Butcher Block Catering  |  Bartenders  Arizona Bartenders   |   Cake Lisa’s Rum Cake   |  Cupcakes Nothing Bundt Cakes

Wedding Cinema | Kendra & Ryan

Cinema, Wedding

You could see it in their eyes – Caitlyn and Daniel were ecstatic. Whenever their eyes locked on each other, their faces glowed and they could not stop beaming. This phenomenon lasted from their first look all the way to the very end of the day with their private sunset husband and wife portrait session.

Faith and family were clearly the foundation of this special event. At one point I had the incredible honor of hearing glorious singing – from the guys getting ready room of all places! Daniel and his groomsmen were a well-tuned choir, singing powerful hymns before the wedding celebration. Watching the bridesmaids and the bride’s mother, Karen, flood Caitlyn and her future with blessings through prayer before the first look was sweet and inspiring.

Caitlyn’s family and friends from her local church beamed with joy all day long. How perfect it was to have the ceremony on the grounds of a place that has been such a significant part of her life. And of course it was also wonderful to have all Daniel’s family and friends from Michigan come! (If you haven’t read Caitlyn and Daniel’s beautiful long-distance love story yet, you can find that here.) I’m pretty sure this awesome family brought the rain last week from Michigan. Supremely grateful for that! The entire day was a joy-filled celebration with Caitlyn and Daniel.

And we can’t forget the delightful donut display board! Family helped construct this masterpiece the week of the wedding and it was glorious. It was the most perfect work of art to help display their splendid cake. It was also the perfect representation of the absolute sweetness of this couple!

Caitlyn and Daniel, your day was beyond wonderful and I was so blessed to be a part of it. Thank you for letting me capture these precious memories. Much love to you both!!



Bouquets/Boutonnieres Tammy Plummer | Floral Design Judy Heusman with help from aunts and mother of the bride | Musicians Benjamin Freeman, Jon Ross, Tawnya Raber and Janna Srutowski | Master of Ceremonies Mike O’Brien | Venue Northwest Community ChurchOfficiant Roy Agustin

Phoenix Wedding | Caitlyn & Daniel

Photography, Wedding

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